Perth to Kununurra

More photos today, beginning with the Pepsi bottle about 50 photos down:

About an hour after our luggage finally arrived, we were repacked to fly to Kununurra (with a short stop in Broome) on the northern coast of Australia.  It is in the northeastern corner of Western Australia.  

Our lovely hosts picked us up at the airport and took us to our first host family homes, then we were off to Ivanhoe Cafe (home of Ryan’s host family) for our first Rotary meeting.  They had a great crowd (50+ people?) and incredible food.  We also gave a brief presentation.

(Will– if you’re reading this you’re the lucky first person to find a pen pal!  A student who loves science, music & language!!  )

Tomorrow we have vocational experiences, and each of us are so excited about the places we’re going. You’ll have to wait for photos and blog entries!


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