Uniforms, Check!

Uniforms are in and were passed out today.  Just a few loose ends left to tie up, suitcases to pack, brochures to print… and 3 weeks from now we’ll be landing in Perth!


Hello from Terri!

Okay, I’ll be the first guinea pig– it turns out we’re all new to blogging on this GSE team!

(So for my more experienced blogger friends– please feel free to make comments as to how we can do this better 🙂 )

I’m Terri, and I am so incredibly honored to be a part of this Rotary International GSE team from District 6910.  Two years ago I served as the alternate for a team headed to England, and I have to admit it was very sad seeing them off to have such a great time– so I’m really glad I’ll be on the plane this time!

I run a 4-H program, which is a club for kids in the 1st through 12th grades.  I love my job because it is something different every day– we’re in 5th grade classrooms teaching leadership, public speaking and science part of the time, on a farm learning about livestock judging another day, and at the State Capitol meeting the governor the next day!  You just never know what you’ll be up to next, and I get to wear comfortable shoes nearly every day. 😉  I work for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences as a County Extension Agent in Cooperative Extension.  A mouthful, I know!  We also work in cooperation with our county government (Newton County) and school board.  You can see our website with recent newsletters at: http://www.ugaextension.com/newton

A little about me personally: I love to read (my Nook goes everywhere), write (I write a weekly column for The Covington News http://www.covnews.com), take photos, scrapbook, camp, explore, and play with the most adorable puppy on earth, Belle.  She’s an eight month old blue pit bull.   (I’m waiting on Stephanie to counter this claim to the most adorable puppy when she posts…)

I am most looking forward to meeting people in Australia. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of cool places and try interesting new foods, but it’s the people I’m most interested in!  I’m also hoping to see a platypus and find a few smushed penny machines 🙂 (www.pennycollector.com)

For my local friends: If you’d like to record a question for someone to answer in Australia, come by so I can video you, or plan to take part in our 4-H “Australia Day” on April 4.  E-mail me for details!

31 days, 21 hours, 31 minutes, 56 seconds…

It’s hard to believe that in just over a month we’ll be boarding a plane for Australia!

Our team has uniforms on order, a presentation in the works, and all sorts of odds and ends to take care of in these last few weeks… all the while trying to set up everything at our workplaces so things will run smoothly in our absence.

Over the next week we’ll each log in to introduce ourselves to you.  We hope you will bookmark this blog so you may follow our trip (we’ll post as much as possible– but no idea on how often that will be!).

You can also follow us at:
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